Roberto Abbiati & Leonardo Capuano in
My brother Roberto and I.

By Roberto Abbiati & Leonardo Captano
Direction assistano Elena Tedde
Technics Corrado Mura, Alessandro Calabrese e Luca Salata



Two twin brothers.
One has got moustaches the other hasn’t, one stammers the other doesn’t, he speaks very fluently.
One thinks that pastry cream is delicate, marvellous and blonde as a woman, the other knows poetry, poets, their verses, and he tells them like someone that hasn’t got another way of speaking.
One is convinced that “bignoline” are living creatures, fragile and helpless, the other believes that “bignoline” are to be sold, otherwise you can’t earn a living.
The pastry shop is their home. A world stuck at 4 a.m., their world: melt chocolate, puff pastry as light as feather, sponge, meringue as snow, and Bavarian cream. Everything moves, flies, dances, and the night threads everywhere.
Two twin brothers that, like Cyrano and Cristiano, arewaiting for their Rossana. And where can you wait for her, if not in a pastry shop?
Two brothers confectioners, if they hug they look like an apricot.
They smell like sweets and they listen to the radio: music, a lot of music.

A Benvenuti srl-Armunia production